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Running with Wool!
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Crochet, knitting, weaving –perfect for the Winter evenings! We'll tell you what's in vogue

Regia Pairfect - two socks from one ball of yarn. Funny animals in a set. Cuddly Baby wool. Crochet for wall deco. Crafttastic for String art images and colourful pompoms. Fast weave with Loop de loom...
Here you will find classic brand wool by Schachenmayr Boston, Lyric and Catania also trendy products for handicrafts.

With crochet accessories and small knitted animals the time passes easily. Not only self-crocheted hats, also hand-knitted socks are in again! When weaving make it the Mix: weaving with various yarns has a very special appeal.

Do you already know string art images? Create from crochet yarns, small art works and murals!

Discover your favorite wool and the technique that you love the most.

Simply clever:
With the Sockwool Regia Pairfect - these are the balls of wool with the yellow Start thread -, is the ingeniously simple knit socks, because two identical socks arise from a tangle!

Simply enchanting:
The Wollowbies sets for reindeer, hare and snowman delight the young and old.

Simply unbeatable:
With the smooth Hoooked Zpagetti Jersey Lace Crochet - quick and uncomplicated also upbeat handbags, pillows or witty accessories.

Simply cuddly soft:
The new Baby Smiles Baby wool Bravo 185 is extra soft, skin-friendly, suitable for tumble drying, saliva and colourfast. There is a free guide for a rope-Teddy too.

Just better:
By Loopdeloom Spindle Weaving Loom Kit weave much faster now the most beautiful scarves and accessories!

Simply creative:
For the popular Stringart images stretch the wool threads easily between nails or needles. We recommend the Craft-Tastic- The String Art Kit.

Just beautiful:
Colourful pompoms. You will be amazed what you can do everything so the Craft-Tastic-Pompon kit pompoms!

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