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Engino STEM Robotics: easy to learn!
The STEM Robotics Mini Learning Set was developed especially for primary school children from 8 years of age. It combines the core subjects of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) with robotics.

The ERP programming software provides a user-friendly coding environment. Activities start with the basic principles of robotics with easy-to-create models. Subsequently, more complex programming concepts with the introduction of sensors, conditional instructions and logic gates with the models Hexapod, Robo and Twister are presented. Four other models are also included: Pointer, Amoeba, Shovel and Automated House. All plans can be viewed online.

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Engino® STEM Robotics: Mini ERP 12
Engino® STEM
Robotics Mini ERP

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Engino STEM Robotics: Erp Mini

The Discovering STEM Robotics kit includes a detailed booklet. The booklet describes the theory and the construction of mini-robots. It also tells the history of origins. Illustrations and experiments support the different application examples. Finally, the acquired knowledge is tested.

4 instructions for the different models (whirlwind, ventilator, hexapod...) included. Additional 4 instructions can be found online.

Delivery without 3 micro batteries (AAA)

Content: approx. 183 parts, a mini-controller, USB cable, programming license, 2 infrared sensors and 2 motors

age: 8+


Safety Instructions:
- Warning! Article is not suitable for children under the age of 3.
- This product contains swallowable small parts.
- There is a danger of suffocation!
- Age recommendation: 8+
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