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Rocket fun for the whole family!
At the first signs of warm rays from the sun, it is time to launch the missiles. Great fun for young and old, but it should always be under the supervision of an adult.

Our rockets carrying air, water or propellants with electric detonators. There are missiles that are constructed with just a few simple steps, simple rocket starter kits for assembling and more elaborate rocket kits. Unlike real rocket our missiles can be used time and time again.
The different missile types

We carry missiles with different drives and flight characteristics. A must for future rocket engineers and astronauts - fun guaranteed!

Rockets are not toys!All rockets MUST be started outdoors under direct supervision of an adult in order to avoid possible dangers. The safety instructions of the manufacturer are strictly observed. Please always ensure that a sufficiently large starting area with soft ground (a wide open space, ie field) is available.

Our air-water rockets are ideal as a start for rockets.

The air missile "Jump Rocket" is made easy by the use of air as the drive and its soft material for children from 8 years. Simply slide Rocket Jump on their launch pad to jump, swing on the air ball and watch as it flies up in the air. It flies up to 25 m high!

The water rocket "Rockyman" you only need to unpack and assemble, already it is ready to start! No tools are required. This sensational missile is launched only with water and air and flies up to 50 m high. Simply fill the rocket about 2/3 with water, locked in the launcher and place the rocket vertically. With the foot pump, pump air into the water tank of the rocket. After sufficient pressure, the missile can be launched with the connected hand lever.

The water rocket "Shootinger" goes one on top of it and reaches an altitude of up to 100 m. This is a rocket to impress! Also they can fly alone with water and air. To build, you only need, hobby knife, scissors and phillips screwdriver. You can start from the Shootinger with any standard foot pump with auto valve connection.

Our Rocket Starter Kits are easy to build models in attractive designs. They are mounted in 1-2 hours, making it suitable for beginners and children over 12 years. The starter kits include a complete rocket model kit with decals, launch pad, launch control equipment, parachute and instructions. You can use the rocket launcher sets with different propellants. The propellant charges are sold separately.

The 77 cm (approx.) large model rocket HELICAT Starter-Set flies up to 168 m high. It has 3 blades, so that the tip of the rocket body rotates and can land safely by parachute. The slightly smaller model rocket SILVER ARROW Starter-Set will fly even up to 200 m high!

The more sophisticated rocket kits offer more scope for individual design and experiments. All our rocket models have excellent flight characteristics at a phenomenal altitude up to 335m! The missile cone and wings are pre-prepared. Detailed instructions are included.

The rocket kits are excellent projects for school kids! By ESTES missiles Kit Designer's Special). This includes a comprehensive package material for your own design of at least 8 missiles. In the school pack Estes model rocket Estes model rocket GENERIC E2X provides materials for 12 missiles.

In addition, you will find the necessary accessories for rockets: Kits for launchers and start control devices that are suitable for all types of rockets, and various propellants with electric detonators. With each missile and rocket Starter Kit provides information which propellant can be used for the rocket.

Please note that the sale of rocket propellants prohibited to persons under the age of 18! Young people aged 14 must be supervised by an adult during use. Submission of propellants for adults only!

We wish you exciting experiments and a good flight!

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