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Fun and games in summer - with creative ideas to do it yourself
Summertime is holiday time! What could be nicer than tinkering to your heart's cotent. On this occasion you will find many creative and funny ideas to sweeten the warm time for the little and big friends of handicrafts.

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For all children: Let the fun begin with a merry water bomb fight or embellish the entrance in front of the house with street painting chalk. Craft planes and let them fly, paint batik-style T-shirts, bags or let huge soap bubbles float through the air. And for refreshment you can either make your own ice cubes with ice cube moulds or build your own water rockets, solar vehicles or boats.

A highlight at any garden, summer or birthday party are beautiful balloon garlands, homemade beverage lids made of iron-on beads and the snazaroo make-up, with which every child becomes a colourful butterfly or wild lion.

Just let your creativity run wild!

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