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33 Great ideas for Easter
Spring time makes handicrafts fun: we show you how to make fancy Easter decorations with mosaics, Easter bunnies made of plasticine concrete, FIMO® butterflies, modeled Easter chicks and colourful spring arrangements.

Here you will find the handicraft material, finished decoration articles for Easter and also small gifts for the Easter nest. Let yourself be inspired by our craft ideas!

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Step-by-step - It's so easy to make:

28 more creative ideas:

Not only for builders!

Would you like to shine again this year with original Easter decoration? Here you will find everything for egg painting or marbling and tips for refining the Easter eggs with various techniques.

Get ideas for small Easter gifts, Easter baskets, table decorations, door wreaths and interesting decorative objects for Spring and Easter. With our various materials, complete handicraft kits and detailed handicraft instructions you can easily recreate everything.

Tinkering tips for spring and Easter

Decorative wooden pegs, wooden eggs and wooden hangers adorn the entrance door, windows and interiors.

Springtime splendor can be obtained by punching out flowers and eggs in pastel colours with motif punchers and then placing them in terracotta pots. Crepe paper flowers are also magical. You can paint the pots with Deco & Lifestyle hobby paint or with stencils and PintyPlus® CHALK FINISH SPRAY PAINT in spring colours. Decorate birdhouses or Easter picks made of Raysin powder with small decorative wood. We have beautiful casting molds with Easter motifs and matching labels for pouring.

Crochet colourful planters, funny bunny ears or decorative pendants from Creative Nature - Hemp yarn. Embroider something different: Embroider a pennant chain with Easter motifs or a wire mesh with flowers - this will be a highlight for windows or doors!

Also a nice idea: use half of a polystyrene plant as a flower vase! Simply insert a test tube in the middle and wrap it around with Creative Paper paper yarn.

With napkin technique you can apply your favorite spring motifs to a wooden box covered with jute cloth or any other decorative items made of paper art or wood. Our Easter stamps are also suitable not only for card design but also for decorative items.

What are the trend materials for Spring and Easter decorations?

Decoration made of concrete is still very much in vogue. That's why creative concrete Crea Stone is currently a much sought-after material: the special concrete powder can be easily mixed and hardens quickly. Take advantage of the spring to pour great concrete accessories for your home and garden! Make romantic concrete shells for outdoor use or fascinating concrete eggs . The cheeky concrete chicks are simply enchanting and the cheerful rabbits made of professional wrought concrete! The funny Easter bunny parade will delight you for a long time.

Looking for tips on painting Easter eggs?

You and your children can give free rein to your creativity by painting, stamping or sticking on Easter eggs. You can also achieve special effects by marbling in an immersion bath with special marbling colours.

Welche Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten für Deko-Eier gibt es?

It is always fun to make new decoration eggs for the Easter bouquet or nice table decorations at Easter. You can achieve very different effects with a wide variety of materials! To decorate, you can experiment with different materials: wrap styrofoam eggs with Creativ Paper - paper yarn or stick napkins or decoupage/décopatch on the eggs.

Decorative eggs Mandala style mosaic eggs with round and square glass blocks.

Plastic eggs can also be filled with different materials: pompons, crepe paper or small balls of tissue paper, decorated with chenille wire, feathers and wobbly eyes.

You want to make original Easter nests or Easter baskets?

When looking for eggs the Easter basket is not missing, of course, in which the little ones can collect the Easter eggs and Easter bunnies.. There are great ready-made Easter baskets, like our felt bags rabbit and butterfly. These can also be filled decoratively with felted polystyrene eggs.

Alternatively,r you can make beautiful Easter baskets and Easter nests yourself. For example, use blanks of paper art or wood for your own design, weave the baste basket in trendy colours or fold paper Easter nests. Block bottom bags are suitable as plant bags or also as an Easter basket.

Recreating Easter animals

Our confetti chickens are a great eye-catcher! To do this, simply glue small plant pots with paper confetti pieces and decorate them with chenille wire and wobbly eyes.

Felt chickens - decorated with wobbly eyes and feathers - are smart egg warmers and also an original decoration.

Model funny bunnies and chicks with SIO-2 PLUS® - Soft-Ton. For colour accents we recommend the POSCA Marker PC-5M.

We modelled our butterflies with FIMO® effect and decorated them with transparent paper, rubber and Katsuki discs.

Gifts for Easter?

Popular little Easter gifts for kids are chalk, pencils, colours, stamps, notebooks, charms, ironing beads, keyrings, colouring pictures and posters from Colouring Activity.

But also the big ones will surely enjoy a decorative Easter nest with small gifts. Here you will find great handicraft sets, crochet sets as well as gifts for handicrafts and soap pouring.

Tip: Give away peace and quiet with fun for young and old! The colouring products from Zencolor or Colouring Activity, stretcher frames, pins and much more invite you to meditative painting.

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