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Jacqueline Write to:
[18.12.2015 14:27]
Sorry, a bit more German.... with our new Wool theme....All translated but seems not to appear on webpage....yet!
Jacqueline Write to:
[24.11.2015 15:09]
German text still... sorry about this but we are updating each day to ensure that all is in English but clearly there are still some around but as Kim wrote... it is good to learn a little German! Seriously, anytime there is something we have missed and you dont understand... just email me at
Jacqueline Write to:
[24.11.2015 15:07]
Sorry, Yvonne you cannot see the email address - it is
Jacqueline Write to:
[24.11.2015 15:06]
Hallo Yvonne, Thank you for your feedback. I agree and we are in the process of updating our website and at the sametime, uploading new products each day so that the UK has the complete range as in our other European countries. To have an idea, please refer to Although we have done a lot.. there is still a lot to be done. We have no UK catalogue as yet because we are concentrating on the web site. I would be more than happy to send you a catalgoue, albeit in German. If you wish to receive one, please send me an email to the above address and I will post one to you.
yvonne mackay Write to:
[21.11.2015 19:17]
Sorry but i find your website in adequate, you seem to have reduced your range of products , i dont have time to sit all night and try and navigate the pages , the catalogues not existant therefore i haven't used your company for years . Hopefully you will be able to rectify your web site .
Kim Holland Write to:
[30.10.2015 20:58]
Wonderful website, searching is such fun. This is not a complaint, but I like the fact that some of the item menus are in dual language, so I have to learn some German to navigate!! Well done.
Karen Write to:
[08.06.2015 15:46]
Wow! So many amazing things, I'm spoilt for choice!
Praca Write to:
[13.11.2014 23:31]
Praca w Anglii
Praca w Anglii Write to:
[13.11.2014 23:29]
Praca dla kierowców w Anglii
David Bull Write to:
[13.06.2014 12:13]
Finished kit of hot air engine, seems it was an old one, doesnt work and you seem to have changed it now. What can I do? Any ideas how to make it work. All instructions followed by experienced engineer. Regards, Dave